Expert in Silicone Rubber Molded Items

Jhao Yang Rubber was founded in 1971.
Focus on rubber parts, custom parts, silicone and parts, mold manufacturing, production, research and development. Your customization needs are our standards, mainly used in the medical industry, automotive parts, motorcycles, bicycles, molds, consumer and industrial electronic products,sporting goods, consumer goods, baby products and food processing.

Manufacturer of custom various rubber and silicone parts

In addition to our unique standard offerings, Jhao Yang Rubber also offers custom products. Our custom rubber and silicone parts orders range from standard parts to highly specialized, application-specific custom components. If you have any interest, please check out Jhao Yang Rubber website and contact us now!

FDA, NSF approval / certification of products UL, CE certification of components / products
Pantone® accurate color matching

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