Silicone Rubber Mold Development / Mold Processing

  1. Mold Storage
    We, JHAO YANG RUBBER Industrial, have a specialized mold storage warehouse. All molds are controlled by a modern management system. We also conduct periodic maintenance to ensure mold quality and performance.
  2. Mold Development
    The mold department has a wealth of experienced developers. Our engineers have a professional technical background in the characteristics of raw materials, silicone and rubber products processing and mold design. Therefore, all the molds we develop can fully meet customer requirement for product quality.
  3. Mold Processing
    The mold department is fully equipped with a series of precision processing equipment. This equipment, combined with well-trained operators, allow us to produce high precision molds.
  • Compression Molding & Tool

    Compression Molding & Tool

  • Injection Moling & Tool

    Injection Molding & Tool

  • Liquid Injection Molding

    Liquid Injection Mold

  • Transfer Mold

    Transfer Mold