Rubber components are used extensively in commercial vehicles, from small delivery vehicles, to heavier trucks, commercial vehicles and public transportation. Commercial vehicles are vital to a country’s economy, and often operate under very demanding conditions.

Safety and Efficiency

Rubber parts used in the transportation industry must comply with government regulations and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards for flame, smoke, and toxicity (FST) to ensure passenger safety. To maintain efficient operation, parts for transportation vehicle must be able to stand up under a diverse range of operating conditions. Parts must be able to resist abrasion, deformation, tearing, moisture, chemicals, solvents, and extreme weather conditions.

Proper material selection is critical when designing rubber parts for transportation. Choosing the right rubber material will assure long service life and the ability to withstand demanding conditions.

Choose a Rubber Parts Manufacturer You Can Trust

Rubber parts for transportation applications often require tight-tolerance and a high degree of structural integrity. When designing parts for transportation applications, you want to work with a manufacturer who understands the industry demands, and material properties most suitable for each application. You also want to work with someone with in-house tooling capabilities to ensure quick, accurate product design and tooling, as well as efficient manufacturing that will provide economical precision part production.

Jhao Yang has worked with transportation vehicle manufacturers worldwide. We are ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015 certified, and have many products and components with UL or CE certification. We provide custom rubber fabrication services and look forward to working with you to develop custom rubber solutions for any of your transportation needs.