Aviation and Aerospace

Aviation and aerospace are very diverse industries that present many unique challenges for rubber applications. To meet these challenges, there are highly developed synthetic rubber materials specially designed to withstand the extreme changes in temperatures and pressures, as well as resist the corrosive effects of aggressive hydraulic fluids, jet fuel, and lubricating oils.

Hydraulic Control Applications

Commercial and military aircraft operate using a wide variety of hydraulic actuators, auxiliary power units, rubber hydraulic and air compression tubing etc. Elastomers like Viton and Hypalon have proven to be ideal for use in aircraft and aerospace applications. They can be manufactured to very fine specifications, and their ability to withstand extreme temperatures and pressures, making them highly reliable for use in hydraulic and pneumatic gaskets and seals.

Adaptability to Extreme Conditions

Airplanes and spacecraft are also subjected to pressure extremes. Depressurization would deplete the supply of oxygen inside an aircraft cabin or aboard a spacecraft, making it impossible for passengers or astronauts to breathe. Silicone gaskets and o-rings in aircraft and spacecraft are able to form airtight seals and thereby prevent depressurization and oxygen depletion. On the other hand, beyond the earth’s atmosphere, temperatures can get as high as 200 °F and as low as -200 °F. One of the major properties of silicone is its adaptability to temperature extremes. With its properties of heat resistance, ability to form tight seals and overall resiliency, silicone has long been an essential component in aviation and space exploration, along with other rubber parts must withstand pressure and temperature extremes to function effectively under such harsh conditions. As a result, absolute accuracy and precision are essential.

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