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Custom molded parts

Custom molding is the process by which we take your idea or protective need that cannot be solved with an existing part and create a solution for you. You may already have a concept in mind for a product, or you may need us to create one for you. Either way, we have the experience and technology in house to exceed expectations from conceptual idea right through to production

Compression Molding - Pressure and heat are applied to raw rubber placed inside a mold cavity until cured. Often less expensive than other molding types.

Transfer Molding -A plunger forces rubber from a pot into a mold cavity through a sprue.

Injection Molding - A piston or screw drives preheated material into an already clamped mold cavity

Rubber Bonded to: metal, rubber and plastics

Our Nuance Is Special! ONIS Rubber

FDA, NSF approval / certification of products UL, CE certification of components / products
Pantone® accurate color matching

The latest innovations come to life with our expertise.
Silicone and rubber material can be applied in all kinds of sporting goods.
NDA: your designs are absolutely secret. We won't disclose any of your designs.

Our products can be applied for basic necessities of daily life. Maybe you are currently using our products.

  • Colorful Silicone Tablemat

    Colorful Silicone Tablemat

  • Conductive Headband

    Conductive Handband

  • IKEA Coasters

    IKEA Coasters

  • Nike Wristband Hand Bands

    Nike Wristband Hand Band

  • Silicone Coaster

    Silicone Coaster

  • Silicon Custom Molded Parts

    Silicon Custom Molded Parts

  • Silicone Heat Insulation Glove

    Silicone Heat Insulation Glove

  • Silicone Iron Mat

    Silicone Iron Mat

  • Custom Molded Parts

    Custom Molded Parts

  • Custom Molded Rubber Parts

    Custom Molded Rubber Parts

  • Custom Molded Components

    Custom Molded Components

  • Remote Control Car Tyre

    Remote Control Car Tire