Jhao Yang / Insisting on Quality, Customer-Oriented

Custom rubber and silicone parts manufacturer in Vietnam

Established in 1971, we specialize in manufacturing silicone and rubber products. Our major products cover 3 sectors – rubber, rubber bonded to metal, and silicone.

Under the company's policy of "Insisting on Quality & Customer Oriented", we constantly introduce more advanced production equipment to increase quality and efficiency. In addition, we continuously improve our manufacturing processes according to ISO regulations. We also implement rigorous quality control so as to fully meet customers' requirements for quality.

As nowadays business competition is becoming more serious than ever before, Jhao Yang will be dedicated to modern business management based on our current foundation. In the meantime, we will continuously upgrade our technical capabilities to strengthen our competitiveness in the market.

Jhao Yang An Internationally Recognized Brand Name

With over 40 years of dedication to the R&D and manufacturing of silicone and rubber products, we have accumulated a wealth of expertise and technology in silicone and rubber products. Based on our excellent quality, our products have been widely recognized by European and American customers among which, include many world-famous companies. We also have established a long-term partnership with these manufacturers.

Company History


Opened for business blending compound for shoes, OEM production and developed new materials for various shoemaking industries.


Manufactured our rst molded products, began mass production for our self-devel oped products.


Rubber & metal bonding capabilities added, Upgraded the rubber product technology to bond with foreign material.


Our first silicone health / orthopedic health products rolled off the production line, Entered the sector of daily commodities and produced tableware and kitchen and bathroom products.


Began exporting directly to overseas buyers, we have promoted from indirect trade to direct trade.


Moved into our first purpose built facility, the first production factory that operates from material formula to direct molding began production.


Added injection machinery to our main plant, invested in rubber injection molding machines to meet the increasing business.


ISO 9001: 2000 certication.


Built our second facility in Vietnam.


Opened our third brand new facility in Fongyuan.


To meet foreign customer's requirements, we have set up a fourth factory at Foxconn Industry Zone in North Vietnam.


ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015 certication for Vietnam plant.

Quality Assurance

FDA, NSF approved / certified products.
UL, CE approved components / products.

Product Design

Precise Pantone® color matching.
Quality and design are recognized by customers.

Customer Support

Jhao Yang can meet all of your testing needs.
Customers trust our inspection plan.