Quality Inspection Equipment

Rigorous Inspection Quality Guaranteed

Over the years, domestic and foreign customers have supported our company's products in the long-term. On most important factors is attributed to the fact that our rubber products are inspected with the highest standa quality control system covers incoming material inspection, in-process inspection, and final product inspec Additionally, the material suppliers will provide the raw material inspection reports. Our quality management de is fully equipped with various inspection instruments for testing the physical properties of silicone and rubber

Total Quality Control

Defect-Free Rate Upgraded Dramatically providing customers with the top quality silicone and rubber products is always our key concept.
In order to entirely implement our commitment to quality assurance, we employ a total quality control system to monitor all company inspections.
Rigorous quality monitoring is conducted at each step throughout the entire production process.
Moreover, we also enhance self-inspection of every operator ensuring Jhao Yang products fully satisfy customers requirements.

Inspection Items

Tensile strength test / Elongation test / Thermal aging test / Compression deformation test Oil resistance test / Low temperature embrittlement test