Silicone Keypad

Customized Silicone Rubber Keypads, Keyboard, Switch, Button, High quality Conductive particles button silicone rubber button keypad
1) Made from 100% silicone rubber
2) Used for mobile phone as inner keyboard.
3) Long recycle time.
4) Custom design is acceptable.

Silicone Rubber Keypad are used in both consumer and industrial electronic products.
The technology used the compression molding properties of silicone rubber to create keywall around key switch.

Silicone Keypads can be made with different hardness ranged from 20 shore A to 80 shore A durometers.
The different surface treatment could be applied depending upon the application environment.
For the multi colour keypad, it is also an option to produce by colour key tools to prevent the colour bleeding.

YouEal Silicone Rubber Keypads offers a wide range of cost efficient decorative solutions such as surface printing, epoxy coatings, laser etching, etc.

Key Tech Data
Stroke 0.5 mm ~ 3.0 mm
Hardness 20 ~ 80 Shore A
Contact resistance Actuation force 0.1 N ~ 5.0 N"

  • Colorful Silicone Keypads

    Colorful Silicone Keypads

  • Silicone Button

    Silicone Button

  • Slicone Key

    Slicone Key

  • Silicone Keypad with Printing

    Silicone Keypad with Printing

  • Rubber Key

    Rubber Key

  • Custom Silcion Keypads

    Custom Silcion Keypads