Silicone Keypad

JHAO YANG Silicone Rubber Keypads offers a wide range of cost efficient decorative solutions such as surface printing, epoxy coatings, laser etching, etc.

Key Tech Data
Stroke 0.5 mm ~ 3.0 mm
Hardness 20 ~ 80 Shore A
Contact resistance Actuation force 0.1 N ~ 5.0 N"

We supply a wide range of customized silicone rubber keypads, keyboards, switches, buttons.
Features of JHAO YANG high quality conductive particles button silicone rubber button key pads
1) Made from 100% silicone rubber
2) Used for mobile phone as inner keyboard.
3) Long recycle time.
4) Custom design is acceptable.

  • Colorful Silicone Keypads

    Colorful Silicone Keypads

  • Silicone Button

    Silicone Button

  • Slicone Key

    Slicone Key

  • Silicone Keypad with Printing

    Silicone Keypad with Printing

  • Rubber Key

    Rubber Key

  • Custom Silcion Keypads

    Custom Silcion Keypads

What is a silicone keypad?

The keypads are an essential component of many electronic devices, providing a durable and reliable interface between the user and the device. These keyboards are commonly made from silicone rubber, a material known for its durability, flexibility, and resistance to extreme temperatures and environmental factors.

How Silicone Rubber Buttons Are Made

The process of making a silicone rubber keyboard starts with making a mold. This mold is made to the exact specifications of the keyboard, including the size and shape of each key, the distance between the keys, and the depth of each key. The mold is then filled with liquid silicone rubber, which is then cured and hardened to create the finished keyboard.

High levels of automation ensure consistent quality and reliability when manufacturing silicon rubber keypads. The keyboards are also thoroughly inspected before delivery to ensure they meet the necessary specifications.

According to the different needs of users, the silicone keyboard can be made into different hardness, ranging from 20 Shore A to 80 Shore A hardness. Depending on the application environment, different surface treatments are available. For multicolor keyboards, you also have the option of using the chroma key tool to prevent color bleeding.

Keyboard Design Options

There are several options to consider when designing a silicone rubber keypad. You can design keyboards with different key shapes and sizes, and with different travels and depths. A keyboard can have a variety of keys, ranging from a few simple buttons to many complex ones.

Keyboard switch mechanisms are another important design consideration. Many different keyboard designs can be created using different types of switch mechanisms, such as dome switches, rubber dome switches, and metal dome switches.