The agriculture industry presents demands not generally seen in other production and manufacturing industries. Agricultural equipment must be able to withstand harsh weather conditions and rough physical abuse that other indoor industries do not face.

Harsh Environmental Conditions

Rubber parts on agricultural equipment are often exposed to chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and insecticides. Reliable rubber gaskets and seals must be made of materials that are stable enough to handle the many chemicals used for agricultural production. Because agricultural equipment is used outdoors where it is frequently exposed to sunlight and rain, the rubber bumpers, shock absorbers, hydraulic hoses, and other equipment parts used on this equipment must be resistant to UV light and chemical degradation to provide long life and safety for equipment.

Heavy Vibration and Metal to Metal Contact

Agricultural equipment often has to endure wear and tear from use on rough terrain and unpredictable operating conditions. Rubber pads and shock absorbers must be strong and rugged enough to hold up under these demanding and harsh conditions. The structural integrity of the rubber material used for these applications must be solid enough to resist deformation and strong enough to avoid damage.

Another important factor to consider when designing rubber shock absorbers is the structure of the part. For example, engine mounts placed between the engine and the frame of agricultural machinery absorb vibrations from the engine, reducing the strain and vibrations that could cause damage to the equipment. They prevent metal-to-metal contact between the equipment body and the engine itself. Determining the proper thicknesses and shape of shock absorbers is necessary to assure proper vibration and impact cushioning, without compromising the structural integrity of the machine.

Fifty Years’ Experience in Rubber Products Design

Founded in 1971, Jhao Yang Rubber has extensive experience in the designing and manufacturing of rubber molded products used for agriculture. Our in-house manufacturing facilities use high productivity, automated rubber injection and molding machines capable of offering high quantity production with fast turnarounds, regardless of project size. We welcome you to contact us for your next rubber molding project needs.