Rubber Parts

Our Nuance Is Special! ONIS Rubber

FDA, NSF approval / certification of products UL, CE certification of components / products
Pantone® accurate color matching

Our rubber products comply with international standards.

  • Machinery that manages our earth's precious resources uses our components.
  • Your equipment will last longer with our components inside them.
  • Jhao Yang is capable of producing silicone and rubber product bonded with metal, two types of molding are available, including compression molding and injection molding.
  • Jhao Yang products are suitable for use in pumps, motors, valves, tops and outlets, pipe connectors and flexible hoses for various water processing equipment.
  • CE, NSF, UL compliant parts.
  • Many materials EPDM, neoprene or NBR rubber compounds can meet your special needs: Acid resistance / Alkaline resistance / Heat resistance / Wear resistance.
  • Rubber Automotive Parts

    Automotive Parts

  • Rubber Boots & Bushings

    Boot & Bushing

  • Rubber Bumpers & Stoppers

    Bumper & Stopper

  • Cap & Cover

    Cap & Cover

  • Damper & Cushion

    Damper & Cushion

  • Rubber Diaphragm

    Rubber Diaphragm

  • Rubber Gaskets & Seals

    Gaskets & Seals

  • Grommets & Seal

    Grommets & Seal

  • Rubber Mounts

    Rubber Mounts

  • Rubber Washer

    Rubber Washer

  • Rubber Isolators

    Rubber Isolators

  • Rubber Plugs

    Rubber Plugs

  • Rubber O-Rings

    Rubber O-Rings