Industrial Applications

Industrial Rubber Gaskets
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Industrial Rubber Components

Wherever you have moving parts, they are going to generate wear and tear on the machinery through impacts, abrasion, and vibrations. Rubber products are often applied to industrial machinery to extend the life of the machine, and also reduce the sound level of equipment. Because they are often used in harsh environments, rubber parts used in industrial applications must be highly resistant to abrasion and chemical or weather degradation.

Shock and Vibration Suppression

A serious concern with nearly all forms of industrial machinery, such as pneumatic tools, hydraulic machinery, engines and motors, pumps, and automation equipment is the wear caused to the equipment due to vibrations. Equipment life can be extended by using rubber pads, shock absorbers, gaskets, O-rings, and seals to reduce the amplitude of vibrations

Rubber pads and shock absorbers can also be applied to tools, machinery, and equipment to protect them from collisions during operation. Rubber bumpers, buffers, and machine mounts will prevent damage to machinery during operation, or when it is moved around or transported.

Pumps, Valves, Pipes, and Other Industrial Products.

For pumps and hydraulic equipment, it is critical that the gaskets and seals used are reliable. Because they are often exposed to dirt and chemicals, and operate under extremely high or low temperatures, the material they are made from must offer exceptional chemical and thermal resistance over a wide range of temperatures. Due to the high pressures, and extreme impact or stress conditions that this equipment operates under, failure of rubber seals could also endanger worker safety.

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